CASA Classrooms

CASA Mental Health is partnering with the Government of Alberta, community partners and school divisions to deliver mental health care in classrooms. CASA Classrooms will address the need for services closer to students by bridging a child’s mental health and school needs, through a coordinated approach by a mental health team and a teacher.

The first wave will introduce CASA Classrooms to two schools in the Sturgeon area in February 2023, expanding throughout Alberta until 2025.

What happens in this program?

Students receive individual and group therapy, psychiatric care, medication and school programming according to their individual need. This is provided by a team of mental health professionals, a specialized teacher and support staff.

Caregivers will receive mental health education, connections to community supports and resources to better support their child/youth. School staff will receive similar supports in order to be better able to support the child in the classroom after the program.

Students will remain in the program for approximately half the school year, followed by another half-year of transition support.

Who is this program for?

CASA Classrooms are designed for students in grades four through 12 with mental health diagnoses. These students:

  • have not responded as expected to previous therapy and continue to have symptoms that impact their home, social and school life;
  • are currently under the care of a physician, nurse practitioner or psychiatrist; and
  • are willing to participate in individual and group therapy with their family.

Students may come from schools within a CASA Classroom’s geographical school area, and must be referred by their school.

​How do I access this program?

Children and youth must be referred to CASA Classrooms by their school. For more in-depth information on CASA Classrooms, contact


Please see a list of available publications:

To access programs you must go through our intake process.

For A Child In Immediate Crisis

If your child is in physical danger or is at risk of harming themselves or someone else, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

If your child is in crisis, dial the Edmonton crisis lines at 780-482-4357 or 780-342-7777 for immediate assistance.

May 1-7 is Mental Health Week.

For thousands of families across Alberta, every week is Mental Health Week. Support CASA Mental Health and help empower our kids and families thrive.