CASA Mental Health volunteer opportunities forge friendships

In May 2022, Hasnaa Eldakrouri and Adwoa Boadu met for the first time at the CASA Thrive Gala, when they both signed up as “roaming auction volunteers” to help with the promotion of the online auction and 50/50 raffle for the fundraising event.

The energetic pair bonded over shared interests and from that fateful day, their friendship blossomed. Adwoa and Hasnaa can now be seen together at most volunteer opportunities.

Hasnaa began volunteering with CASA Mental Health in July 2021 while Adwoa first signed up in January 2022. They have each contributed approximately 75 hours each since joining the CASA volunteer team.

Over the last two years, their portfolio includes distributing the Youth and Family Advisory Council Unseen magazine, the 2022 CASA Gala, three CASA Golf Classics and selling 50/50 tickets at an Oilers game. The pair have also provided logistical support at the Zin on the River and Barney Bentall & the Cariboo Express events, helped with a toy and therapeutic device inventory and management project, and called CASA donors during the 2023 thank-a-thon.

“We always sign up for events together,” says Adwoa. Hasnaa adds with a laugh “We don’t want to be alone.”

Both are studying at the University of Alberta. Adwoa is taking neuroscience and Hasnaa is in psychology. Their favourite part about volunteering with CASA, and why they think others should volunteer too, is the opportunities to learn from professionals and connect with others.

“Being able to volunteer for CASA, we’re in a lot of places we wouldn’t normally be in,” says Adwoa. “One thing I really like is being able to directly chat with the psychologists or the staff at [CASA] Centre and they tell you about their roles and what they do. I think right now, I don’t know what I want to do with my life but hearing all these different professions that I didn’t even know existed, it’s really nice.”

For Hasnaa, it’s always interesting to talk to and meet different people that attend CASA’s events.

“They talk about what they do and we get to learn all about their different roles and make connections,” she says.

Adwoa and Hasnaa have given back to the mental health community while also taking care of their own.

For Hasnaa, she goes on walks, watches YouTube videos and loves to travel. She and Adwoa even took a trip to California together. Adwoa enjoys watching Netflix, particularly romantic comedies.

The duo have also taken kickboxing together.

“It’s important to do activities with your friends to grow closer,” says Hasnaa.

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