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Are you struggling with your child’s mental health? Hope is just a click away.

CASA is proud to introduce the CASA Caregiver Village website and downloadable app! This web-based parenting resource focuses on the mental health of children aged 0 – 18 by offering hundreds of evidence-based strategies easily accessible on line. Many of these strategies come with downloadable tools that have been proven to be helpful for parents and caregivers who struggle to manage their children’s challenging behaviours.

The site educates visitors about children’s mental health, while reaching out to parents and caregivers to normalize their experience. In their own words parents talk about their fears, worries and ultimately their successes on the journey to mental wellness.   Interactive tools, such as videos, worksheets, visual imagery, articles and additional links help parents cope.

Building hope, one click at a time.  Brought to you by CASA, a trusted provider of mental health services for children and their families.

Website and app launch: September, 2015. www.caregivervillage.ca


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