Volunteer team for the 2018 Zin on the River event


Volunteers are integral to the success of many CASA programs and events. CASA has over 300 active volunteers that range from students, retirees, and sponsored groups for various community businesses. Many of our volunteers provide daily or weekly support for many of CASA’s programs. Without these volunteers, most of our programs would not be as successful as they are.

We currently run a mentorship program in which a volunteer is paired with an adolescent that is attending CASA House. The mentorship program is beneficial to everyone involved, as the mentor works with the mentee to build positive relationships, work on goals, and learn life skills.

Our internship program is a key component of Volunteer Services. CASA’s interns commit to completing 100 volunteer hours in the span of a year. Our interns are often students that are pursing a career in mental health services. Our volunteer interns commit to volunteering weekly/bi-weekly and volunteer in all aspects of CASA. They volunteer at special events, provide administrative support to many staff members, and provide support to our families by providing child minding services.

Cassidy and Jill volunteer every week for various programs around CASA Centre. They provide support to Volunteer Services, Health Records, the Resource Centre, and Speech and Language Therapy. Cassidy is a volunteer from the Brain Care Centre, and loves to spend his time volunteering at CASA!
“It feels good to be apart of a community”