We know you have questions. Now is your opportunity to ask some of Edmonton’s foremost mental health experts.

Wave after wave of challenges this past year have impacted our mental health in so many ways, but the full scope of the mental health crisis in our community is mostly unseen. CASA, YESS, Glenrose Foundation, and Kickstand have joined together in a collaboration called Our Mental Health, to inspire conversation, hope, wisdom, and solutions.

Our Mental Health has created a webcast series titled One Year In. Hosted by Lesley MacDonald, each of the three episodes includes a different panel of experts who tackle an important topic to Albertans, related to the pandemic.

For our next episode, on June 3rd, we really want to hear from you. We’re a year into the pandemic – what’s on your mind? We have eight panelists with various expertise in mental health – anxiety, trauma, addictions, sexual minority issues, support, and advocacy – and over 60-90 minutes will direct the comments and questions we receive to the appropriate expert.

Here’s your opportunity to ask a panel of experts about a mental health concern, make a comment, or share your story. Questions benefit both you and others, because so many people are experiencing the same feelings. You’re not alone, but you may not know where to go to get answers. In our live webcast on June 3rd at 4:00 pm, the panel will weigh in on your comments and answer your questions.

Click on the following link to share your question, comment, or story in advance, or (even better) upload a video of yourself asking or sharing it:


Then be sure to attend our live YouTube webcast on June 3rd at 4:00 pm: 


Our expert panel includes:

Dr. Vincent Agyapong, AHS Edmonton Zone Clinical Section Chief for Community Mental Health, and the lead psychiatrist for the Access 24/7 program. Dr. Agyapong is also the lead researcher of a major mental health study on the impact of the Fort McMurray wildfires, and a Specialist on Internet-delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health.

Suzette Bremault-Phillips, PTSD expert, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Alberta and Director of the Heroes in Mind Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC).  She is a researcher, clinician, and educator in medical rehabilitation, working internationally with the military and public safety personnel. Her expertise includes resilience, moral injury, trauma psychotherapies, mobile & digital health and system capacity-building.

Marcia East is a trauma therapist with a Master’s in Counselling and Social Work. She worked with children, youth, and parents in Jamaica before joining the Trauma Care Team at Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS).  Marcia facilitates individual and family support sessions.

Candace Fehr, Co-Chair of the CASA Parent Advisory Council is a Social worker and Mental Health consultant for families in mental health crisis. Candace is an advocate with lived experience, helping families better navigate the system.

Alexandra San Diego is the Communications, and Youth & Family Engagement Coordinator at Kickstand, an Alberta-wide youth services initiative. She uses the power of conversation and communication as a youth mental health advocate. Her experience includes social media’s impact on young people, and the impact of COVID-blame on mental health within the Asian community.

Dr. Mohit Singh is a Psychiatrist and the Addiction Medicine Lead for AHS, Edmonton Zone. His practice includes the Opioid Dependency Program, ARCH Program, Addiction Services Edmonton, and the Drug Treatment Court.

Beverly Keeshig-Soonias is a registered Psychologist with extensive Indigenous expertise about intergenerational trauma and the systemic effects of the Residential School Experience. She has worked inter-culturally with adolescents and families since 1992, having expertise with family systems, adolescents, addictions, and the power of healing.

Corey Wyness – Deals with issues in the LGBTQ2S+ community as Outreach Director, Youth Crisis Shelter, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services.

In our last episode, we reached out to community leaders in education, policing, health, business, politics, and the underserved to understand and give voice to the difficulties faced across our community. Our panel of mental health leaders discussed the state of mental health in the community, and how the pandemic has impacted people differently.

Click the link to view our May episode: https://youtu.be/ghRUEJ-rB6Y

In our July episode, we’ll bring together innovative Canadian and international leaders to discuss potential solutions to the challenges identified. Stay tuned to learn more.

We hope you’re able to tune in to watch the episodes in our webcast series, we’d love to hear your feedback, and we’ll be sharing new episodes nearly every month.


Bonnie Blakley, CEO, CASA Child, Adolescent & Family Mental Health
Margo Long, President & CEO, YESS
Mark Korthuis, President & CEO, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation
Pamela Liversidge, Executive Director, Kickstand