This year we’re putting our own spin on Giving Tuesday with Boost the CASA Youth for CASA House. This special fundraiser empowers you to participate in providing a welcome package to the 100 youth arriving at CASA House annuall

After waiting for over a year, teens arrive at CASA House to live full time while undergoing treatment. You can have the ability to ease this transition by welcoming them with items that make CASA House feel more like home.

3 Ways You Can Get Involved on December 3rd

  1. Sponsor – A complete welcome package for $250.00
  2. Share our #GivingTuesday page with family and friends
  3. Post an unselfie telling your friends why you support us (an unselfie is just like a selfie, but with a generous twist. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that tells your followers who you’re supporting for #GivingTuesday and why).