Got Five Minutes? Here is How CASA’s PAC Program Works

Registered Psychologists Naomi Lee (right) and Kendal Toll (left) are members of the six-person team that manages CASA’s Psychological Assessment and Consultation (PAC) Program. We asked them to describe PAC’s activities. Here’s an edited version of that interview. Q  Can you give us a brief overview of PAC? NL: Sure. PAC is an internal contract service...

CASA’s Trauma Clinic is Focused on Changing the Trajectory of Severely Troubled Young Lives

Dr. Lindsay Riopka Manrique speaks in a soft, gentle voice. But the topic she is addressing is anything but benign. As one of three psychiatrists who supports children and caregivers in CASA’s Trauma Clinic, she treats children so severely affected by abuse, neglect or exposure to domestic violence early in life, that their young brains...

CASA House Gives Adolescents with Serious Mental Health and Addictions Issues a Chance to Reboot Their Lives

The hallways, classrooms and gym at CASA House are quiet this June evening. A pond in the backyard shimmers beneath the fading late-day sun. A family of geese has made it their home, I’m told, emerging each morning to strut on the lawn with visiting ducks and pelicans. Other than a group meeting in one of...

CASA’s Adolescent Day Program Aims to Change the Trajectory of Troubled Young Lives, One Day at a Time

The Adolescent Day Program (ADP) at CASA Centre focuses on youth with serious mental health and sometimes addictions issues, helping them and their families move towards a better life. Students from grades eight through 12 who are typically dealing with anxiety, depression, school avoidance and family stresses typically attend this five-day-a-week tertiary program for a...

Greater Emphasis, Increased Resources Needed to Address FASD, says Dr. Jacqueline Pei

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) affects one in 25 Canadians or about 4% of the overall population, making it the most common developmental disability in this country. From left: Lesley MacDonald, Dr. Jacqueline Pei and Dr. Denise Milne. “FASD is a significant problem. If you don’t think it’s in your community you’re not looking closely enough,”...

Roberta Walter, Clinical Lead with CASA’s Pre-Kindergarten Program, Explains Why it’s Unique

Q: What is your role with CASA’s new Pre-Kindergarten program? A: As the Clinical Lead for Pre-Kindergarten, my role centres on the mental health, support and clinical care of the children. I provide support in the classroom in regard to behaviour management and mental health support to the families. Since this is a new program, I...

What is SNAP?

Here’s How Danielle Charron Explains It Danielle Charron is the Clinical Lead for CASA’s Children’s Day Program, which supports families and children in grades 3-6 who are dealing with mental health and learning challenges. One of the program’s key components is SNAP (Stop Now And Plan), a cognitive behavioural therapy intervention developed by the Child Development...

A Look at CASA’s New Pre-Kindergarten Day Program

For Danette Andersen, creating a supportive, therapeutic, multidisciplinary early educational environment for CASA’s youngsters is a dream come true, marking the capstone of a near four-decade-long career with Edmonton Public Schools (EPSB). As Principal, Hospital School Campuses for the EPSB, Andersen oversees CASA’s new Pre-Kindergarten Day Program and six other local mental health-focused education programs...


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