CASA House Gives Adolescents with Serious Mental Health and Addictions Issues a Chance to Reboot Their Lives

The hallways, classrooms and gym at CASA House are quiet this June evening. A pond in the backyard shimmers beneath the fading late-day sun. A family of geese has made it their home, I’m told, emerging each morning to strut on the lawn with visiting ducks and pelicans. Other than a group meeting in one of...

CASA’s Adolescent Day Program Aims to Change the Trajectory of Troubled Young Lives, One Day at a Time

The Adolescent Day Program (ADP) at CASA Centre focuses on youth with serious mental health and sometimes addictions issues, helping them and their families move towards a better life. Students from grades eight through 12 who are typically dealing with anxiety, depression, school avoidance and family stresses typically attend this five-day-a-week tertiary program for a...

Greater Emphasis, Increased Resources Needed to Address FASD, says Dr. Jacqueline Pei

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) affects one in 25 Canadians or about 4% of the overall population, making it the most common developmental disability in this country. From left: Lesley MacDonald, Dr. Jacqueline Pei and Dr. Denise Milne. “FASD is a significant problem. If you don’t think it’s in your community you’re not looking closely enough,”...

Roberta Walter, Clinical Lead with CASA’s Pre-Kindergarten Program, Explains Why it’s Unique

Q: What is your role with CASA’s new Pre-Kindergarten program? A: As the Clinical Lead for Pre-Kindergarten, my role centres on the mental health, support and clinical care of the children. I provide support in the classroom in regard to behaviour management and mental health support to the families. Since this is a new program, I...

What is SNAP?

Here’s How Danielle Charron Explains It Danielle Charron is the Clinical Lead for CASA’s Children’s Day Program, which supports families and children in grades 3-6 who are dealing with mental health and learning challenges. One of the program’s key components is SNAP (Stop Now And Plan), a cognitive behavioural therapy intervention developed by the Child Development...

A Look at CASA’s New Pre-Kindergarten Day Program

For Danette Andersen, creating a supportive, therapeutic, multidisciplinary early educational environment for CASA’s youngsters is a dream come true, marking the capstone of a near four-decade-long career with Edmonton Public Schools (EPSB). As Principal, Hospital School Campuses for the EPSB, Andersen oversees CASA’s new Pre-Kindergarten Day Program and six other local mental health-focused education programs...


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