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Defying the odds: A youth’s story of hope and resilience

Written by Dr. Bina Nair Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Medical Lead, Concurrent Addiction & Mental Health Program (CAMP)   A 15 year old female is referred to us by her mother. Jane* is struggling.  She lives with her mother, her father is not involved, and a year prior, she was sexually assaulted by another teen at a party. ...

What is an ACE Score? Why is it important?

by Dr. Wanda CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS!! ...it matters to me both personally as well as professionally, and here is why it should matter to you! WHAT IS AN "ACE" SCORE? Approximately 20 years ago, the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) American study examined the relationship between childhood trauma and the risk for physical and mental illness in adulthood....

What is Art Therapy at CASA?

I am Marie, and I work as an Art Therapist at CASA in the child and adolescent day programs. I work on a team providing mental health treatment for children and adolescents by facilitating Art Therapy groups that give voice to self expression through art making. Unlike in a school based art class, the...

CASA’s Community Geographic Team: Road Tripping for Mental Health

One of the lesser-known CASA programs, the Community Geographic Team (or CGT) is dedicated to increasing the capacity of mental health professionals in rural Alberta. Specifically targeting the North and Central East zones of Alberta, CGT’s mental health consultants provide services to newer therapists working in rural areas – think as far east as Cold...

CASA Pre-Kindergarten Day Program

In partnership with Edmonton Public Schools CASA is excited to have launched the new Pre-Kindergarten Program (PKP). PKP is a tertiary-level, multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic educational resource for children aged 4 and 5, and their families. The program provides intensive family-centered therapeutic education, developmental intervention, and clinical care in a specialized early childhood setting. It...

Occupational Therapy at CASA

Written by Lisa Bilodeau, Occupational Therapist (OT) What is an OT? (Occupational therapists help people return to work… right…?) Actually, the field of occupational therapy is far broader than that. OTs are trained in both physical medicine and mental health. As a result, OTs can work with people across the lifespan in a variety of practice settings...


  By Dr. Wanda   Mental Illness affects us all to some degree. It is great to see how it is getting easier to talk about mental illness through things like the Bell "Let's Talk" campaign as well as the recently released animated movie "Inside Out". I think it is fair to say that we have all...

Our CASA Kids!

  How do our programs impact our CASA kids and their families? Here’s what they say: From CASA House: “I love how easy it is to talk to the staff at CASA! They are happy to listen to my problems and are always willing to help. I like that staff was non-judgemental and supportive. I appreciated...

Community of Practice: CGT Strengthens Confidence of Clinicians in Rural Alberta

CASA’s Community Geographic Team (CGT), which we spotlighted in March of last year, provides education, training, and coaching services to mental health professionals in the rural regions of Northern and East Central Alberta. One of the ways in which they do this is providing monthly “Community of Practice” meetings. A Community of Practice is a...


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